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About Us


We are a company that specializes in install and maintain video surveillance systems in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs for residential or commercial.

Whether you need small camera repair, add more cameras or install a complete surveillance system, we are here to serve you.

Why would you need surveillance cameras?

Benefits of having surveillance cameras include:

Prevent losses due to vandalism

Protect from unfounded liability claims

Security of your goods and property

Increase productivity

You don’t want to imagine that everything you’ve worked for could be a target for crime robbery, or vandalism, but statistics shows that it’s happening in the smallest stores to the largest retail chains.

Why should you choose us?

  • We\\'re passionate about what we do

What sets us apart from the competition is that we\\'re passionate about the products and services we provide.

  • Proven track record

We\\'ve gained a reputation as a reliable and honest company with most of our customers coming from referrals.

  • The quality of our support is unmatched

We take support one step further by innovating our replies according to the challenges of each customer.